Fence or Driveway Cleaning & Sealing

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Wood Deck Cleaning & Water-Sealing

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​BEHR Sealants and Stains

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​It is important that all potential customers understand the implications of recent VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) legislation nationwide. Any tinted stains or sealants have to be hand-applied.

Many products demand more stain or sealant due to these regulations.

Only clear water-sealant has maintained very low-cost pricing. 

Stains maintain new appearance longer. Sealants hold well, but naturally age with no color to disguise the aging process.

Cabot Sealants

and Stains.

​Olympic Maximum

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​​​Deck Cleaning & Sealing

Fence Staining 

House Power-washing

Driveway Cleaning


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​We can repair your wood deck. Wood replacement for all size decks. Don't stare at rotten wood any longer.

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​Hello, and thank you for visiting Southern Home's website. ​We have been cleaning wood decks, fences, residential homes and concrete driveways since 1987. We are experts in many of the highest quality named sealants and can guide you properly in making the best choices for your wood and concrete. 



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