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​We can repair your wood deck. Wood replacement for all size decks. Don't stare at rotten wood any longer.

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House Powerwash



2000 Sq. ft.

Exp. 12-1-2018

​It is important that all potential customers understand the implications of recent VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) legislation nationwide. Any tinted stains or sealants have to be hand-applied.

Many products demand more stain or sealant due to these regulations.

Only clear water-sealant has maintained very low-cost pricing. 

Stains maintain new appearance longer. Sealants hold well, but naturally age with no color to disguise the aging process.



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Hello, and thank you for visiting Southern Home's website.  We have been cleaning wood decks, fences, residential homes and Aggregate or Stamped- concrete driveways since 1987. We are experts in many of the highest quality named sealants and can guide you properly in making the best choices for your wood and concrete.