House Powerwashing

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2000 Sq. ft.

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Thank you for considering Southern Home to pressure-wash your home. It is very important that you choose a skilled cleaning company who will not use excessive force to clean your house. It's what we do nearly every day of the week- and we have been doing it since 1987!

So often, inexperienced Power-washing techs will cut marks into a house's siding. Or, a Washer will inadvertently squirt soap or other chemicals under a house door, cut into and stripe aluminum siding or cause damage to shrubs or flowers. Experience does matter!

And, it is exactly why you should allow us, and not a weekend warrior to do this very important work. We are thorough.

Mold is a factor in Richmond,  because of high humidity and a warmer climate. Once mold begins growing on a house, it proliferates in a short period of time. It can grow into painted siding and destroy the paint. Some amount of bleach is used to kill mold and mildew and stop the unsightly growth. The house will benefit from a proper cleaning.


​Our techs get months of training before working on your home.